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Erractic idle (16V). Anyone replaced a throttle body due to wear?

Still trying to get my wife`s car to idle at a steady RPM. I must have a vacuum leak and I was wondering if anyone has ever worn out a throttle body on a CIS car?

If I start the car and set the mixture without touching the throttle, I can get a smooth 1000 rpm idle. But if I rev the car the idle will hang closer to 1400 rpm. If I adjust the mixture from 1400 to get it back to 1000 rpm, then it will run rough and not start without holding the throttle open. Air flow sensor height is correct. The low vacuum is making the mixture adjustment an on/off affair.

My problems all started after cleaning the throttle body with carb cleaner. I am hypothesizing that the crud was obstructing the air flow at idle and helping seal the throttle valve. I have removed/adjusted the throttle valve to insure that it is completely closed. It did have some wear marks on the sides of the bore, but this may be normal? All throttle switches are making contact.

Thoughts? Experiences?

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