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what bulbs do I use for W201 euros?

I just got a set of DEPO euros for my 190E. I believe they need H4/H3/H5 bulbs. But I want to know what are the choice of bulbs I can use as far as brand and wattage are concerned. What bulbs do you guys recommend? I think I will also need "caps" to support the euro bulbs. Does the parts shop carry them? And what are they? The salesman said I will need them. Also, is there a link for installing euros on a W201? I heard some people say it's an easy task and usually takes a few minutes (10 minutes). I've heard others say that it takes a bit of time to install the euros, but nonetheless an easy job once you know what you need to do. I don't want to pay a shop to install them when it's an easy job. And besides, I like the satisfaction of doing something on my own. Thanks!
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