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While Tank is likely right on the mark, I would atleast check a few things before throwing in the towel.

First, if you are burning a quart of oil in under 100 miles, you must be trailing a cloud of blue oil smoke, or even white stuff. Have you noticed this? If not, that oil is probably not going through the combustion chamber and out the exhaust.

If you notice a cloud, but mostly only at idle, you should check the vacuum pump discharge line (I assume your 300D has one) that goes to the intake manifold. This is a translucent white line from the front, driver's side of the engine that crosses over in front of the engine and goes to the intake manifold, or the air cleaner on some models I believe. If this line is black you have ruptured the pump diaphragm. Not a lot to have it replaced, but chances are you should have the unit rebuilt, which will at least double the cost. Good investment though if the diaphragm is ruptured.

I cannot think of any other obvious things to check at the moment, but that is a lot of oil and it should be showing as leakage or smoke, neither of which were noted as part of the problem in your original post.

So, good luck and I hope this helps. Jim
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