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Smile I'm now a new owner of a 500E

Looking into the archive was very hepful, thanks.

I came back from Bruxells yesterday eveningafter an 1100km journey? I'll post some picture later. The car is marvellous and will now spend time in the south France and Spain where the road will be perfect for it.

All the orginal books are there but in German, is the only way to get them in english or in french through MB or is there another way?

it can get very hot here and I've seen several threads on that subject. Did someboby ever compiled a list of thinks to do (you know little tricks learned from personnal experience) t help maintain these car in perfect condition that are not obvious to new owners?

My last MB was a 420SEL and it was very reliable, this is not the same kind of car but I am sure that well maintain it's the same

By the way it seems that in the US the E500/500E are very expensive at least twice more than in the US. Is there a specific reason for that ?

To give an example mine is a 07/92 500E 89000 km in mint condition (I hope), 100% original, one owner and I got it for 13000 Euros in Belgium. Are there very difficulty with DMV?
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