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NEWBIE ?'s PLEASE HELP 1987 190E 2.3

Just purchased a 1987 190E 2.3 W/ 73,000 miles. I have a few questions/problems.

On about the third moonroof opening it stopped halfway and now is stuck ( I haven't had time to look but I am assuming it is a fuse?) If not how do I shut it manually?

Second Question: It was fine the first day but the engine temp gauge in th car is wacky. It will be fine and then shoot up into the red and stay then shoot down to normal for a minute then back up to the red. Sometimes it stays there, sometimes it is normal, but more and more it is high?? Any suggestions on what may be wrong and what to look for?

Third: the Brakes squeak loud, not sure which ones but it is loud when pressed and when driving there is a squeaking sound when brakes not applied?? Any suggestions?

Finally not knowing much about this car (besides what I have read on this board) what should I do for this car at this mileage when I take it into the mechanic what should I have him look for. I do not know the maintenance history of the vehicle.

I appreciate your help thank you very much, please help!!
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