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Thanks Fred!

Originally Posted by Fredmburgess View Post
Biopete, if this works there should follow a link to discussion about water injection to cure stuck rings. I've only run into this on the turbocharged 606 engines, but as you've got a single tank system that apparently wasn't generating sufficient heat to the WVO that may well be the issue you've got, too. 40 highway miles or so with a mist of water (preferably after the turbocharger but so long as it's a fine mist you should be fine having it ahead of the turbo once) seems to do the trick. I went ahead and installed a water injection kit (about $250.00 for everything) that mists water/methanol (aka windshield washer fluid) into the chargeair pipe on the E300's. 15,000 plus miles since the install and no more oil fountain under the hood. might have to cut and paste the "link" into your browser.

Good luck!
That is a great thread. Thank you. Just what I needed. I'll definitely do a write up if i do it. Happy to finally have a chance to read up on this. Just a spray bottle head stuck into the hole where the blow by tube normally goes and hook it up to the water bottle and run a switch. I'm not sure where I could hook in after the turbo charger as its an aluminum charge tube. However, the port in the intake that connects to the alda could be used eventually maybe. I'm anti alda. I've had 3 cars now with defective aldas. Would that be a good spot for a nozzle? Where did you put your nozzle from the kit you bought? Was that kit worth it? Do you have to use regularly to keep your engine clean?


This weekend I want to compression test all the cylinder before i do the water injection treatment. And then after. I'm kind of in a pinch though cause my pop tester is not working and i wanted to test and replace any bad injectors while i got em out as well. Hopefully the pop tester will come to life. Its a homemade bottle jack one and it won't pressurize anymore.
Nothings more annoying than when your tools don't work. Worst case i'll do compression test and inspect injectors and glow plugs and take some pics down in the prechambers. All injectors passed the drop test so they are all working to some degree anyway.

I'm pretty convinced its missing on one cylinder at startup when its cold. Guess i should check glow plugs first. I bet i could find the missing cylinder if i do i drop test right after startup one morning. When its warm, none miss.

So does it sound like a stuck ring or rings ? I'm kind of a novice mechanic and want to understand and picture what we think is going on. So is the hypothesis at this point the veggie oil for what ever reason didn't burn good in a cylinder or two , probably because it was too cold , and that "gummed" up the rings. When they are gummy with vegetable oil carbon deposits they don't make a good seal with the cylinder wall and thus we get blow by and low compression in those cylinders.

So what does "gummy" look like and why does it make the rings not seal ? Does it keep motor oil lubricating the walls good ? I guess the worst case scenario would be scored cylinder walls which can't be fixed easily. What would cause that ? Too much VO in cylinder contaminating motor and destroying lubricity?

Thanks all. I'm excited to get to the bottom of this. Appreciate all your help. This week i'm driving the car. On the trip back it got avg 26 mpg.
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