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The fan is a SPAL 16-inch puller fan, their high-speed version, pulls 2300+ CFM. Get it from BeCool because they include the best brackets. The brackets are attached to the radiator via 4mm nuts-and-bolts, with washers, lockwasher, and "blue" Locktite threadlocker.

I used a 6-position MB headlight connector assembly because I had many in stock along with 10-gauge wire.

The adjustable thermostat is from Derale, and uses external BOSCH-type relays.

The fan is secured to the radiator in 4-position. I used two existing holes in the radiator, and drilled two others- never touching the core. Because the mounting brackets were SHORT, I could not use the other two exisiting holes on the radiator.

The sensor is inserted fairly close to the water inlet for more accurate temps. and I used heat-sink compound from Radio Shack to make sure the meta-to-metal heat-interface is good.
Better late than never . . .

Here are more pics of the SPAL 16-inch puller fan on the 500E. Pictures are with and without shroud, and the Derale thermostat relay.

Yes, the puller fan is NOT centered to the shroud, because it will INTERFERE with the waterpump pulley.

:-) neil
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