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On rear edge of door, plastic cap..remove. A screw underneath. Tighten if loose, remove it if it's tight because that means you have to go to next step. Pull/ push handle straight back and it should lift out of opening. Keep track of relationships of various pawls and keepers on handle and within door. There is a screw adj. near the front of the handle, inside part of thehandle, now accessable. Tighten a little bit and try it in; if not enough, tighten a little more. Make sure the inner latch extension lines up with the female part within the door and reinsert and tighten outer screw. Not that complex once you've done it. If you've painted a few vehicles, though, you know each marque has it's own idiosyncracies. A picture from the manual may give you a better idea of the relatioships of the "lever" part inside.
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