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Hello again!

Well I just got done a little while ago, and I could not have done it by myself. I did have to loosen the top of the shock, or else the bolt for the swaybar wasn't going to come out all of the way. The spring was compressed with a jack below ( I saw this done when the lower balljoints were replaced a few months ago). The biggest hassle was the fact that the swaybar was slightly wider than the holes it was supposed to go in if you imagined the swaybar like a giant "U", the legs if you will were bowed out. That is where the "helper" comes in very,very handy! Besides that the only other annoyance was having to remove the aircleaner housing to get to the pass. control arm bolt. (boohoo)

One thing that I noticed, is that the calipers were made by that right? Is that OE?

Thanks for all of your help!


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