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Originally Posted by babymog View Post
I'd hope for simply stuck rings, which lead to your low compression and excessive blowby polluting the intake system. Trying the MMO thing?
Marvel Mystery Oil ? Yep. Was thinking of doing that. I kind of wanted to try WI first as an experiment. But do you just keep pouring in the MMO until it fills the hole and won't take any more. Then let it sit for a week or two? That would be good while I'm building the WI system. But would taint my experiment.

What do you all think about the manual spray in intake while someone revs it for 15 minutes? Then drive. Then do it again. Until about 1 gallon of water or a noticeable difference?

Also, what would be the best fuel to use while i'm doing this ? Obviously , not WVO The PO still had 2/3 wvo in it. Now i've added 22 gallons so far so its pretty much all diluted. However, would maybe a small can of diesel with Diesel cleene or cetane boost or Lubro moly diesel purge be a good idea in combo with the WI? I'm thinking i want to make sure getting extra good bang.

Also, I have the after glow relay so would it be good to do it with glow plugs going? Can restart car every few minutes. If thats good for emmissions I'm thinking its good for the internal combustion chambers as well.

Thanks for all the help.
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