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Andras Nagy
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Hi Guys and Gals:

Did anyone else notice in the photo of the Audi TT of Peter Hommel that he was on snow tires?

When I saw the photos and read the Associated Press report of his death, there was something funny looking with the wheels of that car. At first I thought they were spares, and sure enough they are not the stock wheels. On looking closer, I notice that he had snow tires on steel wheels!!!!!

I do not mean to imply anything other than, why would an experienced rallyist try to go more than 110 MPH on snow tires on dry pavenement, for God's sake? The tires were not flat after the accident, but with those nubby treads, Peter did not have any rubber on the road, ergo no traction.

This is so sad, but it can serve as a wake-up call to us - during winter, with cold tires, less traction, less rubber, and potentially slippery condition, no amount ABS, ATC, or any other alphabet soup stuff will repeal the Laws of Physics. Don't mean to open this thread again, but the Laws of Physics are laws not becasue we willed them, but rather because they exist, with or without our intentions.

Have you noticed that SUVs and newer MB are also travelling at potentially unsafe speeds and tailgating nowadays? All becasue we have been lulled into a sense of security with these ABS, ATC, etc.

Let's allow our native intelligence and our sphincters control our actions, not some advertising hype, be it Ford's or Mercedes's. Peace and keep the shiny side up.....Andras
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