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Originally Posted by BodhiBenz1987 View Post
Well, I got the other one off too ... not surprisingly it was much easier. For one, I knew to go straight to the air chisel, and also that side of the car is a bit less rusty in general so it probably wasn't as stuck.
I tried to lower the frame down from the car, using the floor jack and a scissor jack under the front, gradually lowering each jack. I realized I needed to remove the shocks to pull the frame out the back, so I went to just lower the frame to the floor first ... it kind of slipped off the jacks a little right near the end and dropped about three inches to one side, nothing violent, but I think I might have damaged the axle on that side. I'm not sure how because it landed pretty gently on a wadded blanket I had placed under the wheel carrier. I just was inspecting it and noticed a crack with a lump under it on the wheel end of the axle. I guess it's possible it was already there, but I don't think so. I attached a picture. So, I guess I'll be replacing the axles too. Other than that my big puzzle is how to move the subframe out from under the car because it won't balance on the single jack. I might put dollies under the wheels, lower it onto those and slowly move it out on those and the jack. Right now I left it on short jackstands and will continue on tomorrow.
A picture of the busted axle:
I can't imagine that any drop can damage an axle, and I couldn't see anything in the picture. Are you talking about the CV joint boot or some part of the axle itself?

You can use dollies if you've got them or you can also put a wheel back on each hub and roll it out like that if you've got the rear end up high enough.
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