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Larrybible - Manual wheel alignment

Hi all,

Hope Larry is out there. I am completing front end work on my 1992 300e, ball joint, right and left tie rod assemblies. I now need to do my allignment.

I read your earlier post (did search) on manual allignment. I understand the premise of an allignment and look forward to doing my own, don't trust anyone.

You wrote that you vise grip a nail to a jack stand and scribe at the tread. I am sorry but I can't envision. Do I scribe in-between the treads of the tire? if so, how would I do that? I am guessing the threads will not be straight and nail will just be pushed around by the treads. I am sure it's me not getting it, happens all the time.

I think the point is to get something "a line, mark" from where to measure.

I am really looking forward to doing my own allignment. For my car should there be zero toe in?

Thanks a gain, you've helped me more than once.

PS> I have searched and searched the web, I can not find the tie rod seperation tool anywhere for my car, any suggestions, I hate to use pickle fork (have one).

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