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From the above posts, it appears that the problem is not limited to California. My dealer says that only California gasoline additives cause the problem. They are probably just try to get me to shut up.

While at work today, I mentioned to my partner that my new car is in the shop. Well, as it turns out, his new CLK has been in the shop 3 times in 6 months with the same fuel sensor problem.

The service manager for the MB dealer told me today not to bring in the car again. He says he will just have to put in another fuel sensor unit with the same problem. He has been instructed to just put a new one in when someone complaints. There has been no updates to the unit. Is there something we can do as consumers? Where do we go to complaint?

I wonder if the type or brand of gasoline matters. I have been gasing up at Chevron. May be I should go to a no brand name service station... they may have less additives in their gas.
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