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Angry '82 300D timing chain replacement???? HELP!

I am replacing the timing chain on my '82 300D. I separated the link and attached the new chain to the old one. I manually turning the engine at the crankshaft and kept tension on the old chain and new chain at the cam sprocket so nothing would slip. Everything went very well until I disconnected the old chain from the new one and noticed there was one tooth gap between the ends of the chain. At first I thought it had slipped while removing the old chain, but it couldn't because I used wire to secure the chain to the sprocket while removing the old chain. So, I decided to move the link to close the gap. Now the chain is too short to put the chain tensioner back in. I can put tension on the chain and spin the engine over by hand and it shows 0deg diff from cam to crank. The tensioner comes about 1/2 in from seating all the way into the block. What kind of problem have I created? I am about to go back and compare the number of links on the old chain vs. the new one. Any ideas???
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