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Problems emerge

Thanks ya'll for responding to my questions. I've gotten good feed back and the more I get, the closer to my fix I get.

Yesterday, I removed the Bosch Platinum plugs and when examining them, I found that they showed signs of cylinders running too hot. I replaced the plugs with Bosch Copper plugs.

I drove 2 miles and suddenly I get this loping feel. So bad that it sounds like maybe more than one cylinder is misfiring!

I drive home and remove the plugs. They are covered with black soot. Some plugs are slightly moist. I start the car and it lopes like a misfire. I put a stethoscope to the injectors. Sure enough 3 of my 8 cylinders injectors aren't clicking. I messed with the Emmisions Control Unit (ECU) earlier to make the misture a wee bit richer or leaner because the MB tech told me it may be running hot from a lean mixture. 1-800-222-0100 option 7 and asked to speak to a tech.

I guess now I have two problems. The over heat is probably from the radiator so I will get that fixed right away. Is all this mixture/CO2 stuff somehow related to my over heating problem?

I started a new thread 1973 450 SEL injectors not clicking for this new problem that has occured.

However, thanks for all of your input!! I will get the radiator serviced, then I will work on the details you all mentioned. I will make sure I use the right mixture of AF and water.


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