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New C320 owner questions


I recently purchased an 02 C320 w c2,c4,c6 packages. I love the car! Big step up from the "Ford". I have a few questions that you can possibly answer.

1. I see lots of info on "sucking' the oil out of the engine for oil changes. I'm assuming it's possible to drain from below as well? ...or is it a pain to do so?

2. Is there a dipstick available to check the oil after changes? Dealer item? I'm thinking that refilling the oil after a change would be a pain without one. Any suggestions?

3. Is changing the oil filter as easy as it looks? Right there on top. Just unscrew and replace the cartridge?

4. The car seems to idle pretty low (about 550-600) rpm in drive and idles rather rough. (shakes actually) The MB service manager says it's pretty normal and at about 3k miles they smooth out. Truth or bunk? (BTW, runs smooth other than idle)

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