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I don't think Steve was seeing any of your posts as tech bashing, he may have misinterpreted one of mine as such, however.

I posted somewhere recently that Steve could probably do a better alignment job with a piece of string, than some of the chain store guys could accomplish using the fanciest alignment equipment ever built.

My point was not so much tech bashing, but I was trying to point out that there are some of the chain store guys that are doing well to get the toe set correctly. Unfortunately, I think that there are too many that only set the toe and ignore everything else. Incorrect toe is the most common tire wear culprit, so they just take their chances on the rest of it.

I meant no disrespect toward Steve, I actually meant it as a compliment. I have read Steves fabulous posts for over two years now, and have read his background. He is the scientist that many techs wish they could be.

It's what you understand that counts, and he understands.

Have a great day,
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