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Not necessarily!

I've got the same insulation stuff on my 300D. After the rear seat floorboards were flooded to the point that it seeped into the front floorboards, I removed the floor mats and carpeting and haven't put them back yet (after a month and a half; I cleaned them once but it looks like they need it again). In the insulation, there's a mark right about where I put my right heel to work the throttle and brake pedal, where the insulation's caved in a bit. At the bottom if that "mark", it's still wet to the point wher eif I tough it with my finger, it'll come back wet. The weather here's been warm and fairly dry since I got the car up here, and it still hasn't dried I'm scared that the metal pan underneath's rusting something fierce, and the onyl way to get it out will be to pull that insulation up (and I'd like to put it back )...

I was actually thinking about posting a question on this. Ideas appreciated...thanks!
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