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Wagon Changes and SportLine on 500E

Well, I broke down a month ago, and decided that with the baby ridding in the wagon more often, I've got to get a less stiff ride.

Step 1:
Go to +1 wheels (225/50R16) & tires from +2 (225/45WR17). 15-inch wheels don't fit anymore due to brake caliper upgrades.

Step 2:
Replace all SportLine springs with 500E springs.

Step 3:
Replace front SportLine struts with 500E struts.
Kept the SportLine front swaybar.

The ride is so much smoother, but "stiffens" up when pushed. I've returned to the 17-inch wheels/tires and it is still VERY smooth.

Unfortunately, the front now rides about 1/2-inch HIGHER than SportLine.

Of couse this got me thinking. . .

How would the 500E ride with SportLine front struts? I'm thinking fabulous. I'll install SportLine springs AFTER a week with the SportLine struts because I really believe the SportLine springs have less compliance than the 500E springs.

We'll see this weekend . . .

:-) neil
1988 360TE AMG
1993 500E
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