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Thanks for the reply. I had suspected the OVP and had read the hundreds of responses for that relay but had not seen anything about the key left in problem. Jiggling the key in the ignition does not do anything but I removed the OVP and found some verde gris on a couple of the contacts and the others had a degree of sulphide coating. Cleaned them all up with a silver cloth and reinstalled. The starting problem has definitely gone away but I do not know for how long. I took a note of the OVP part No. and it is the old type. Will replace at the next service.

While I was ferreting behind the battery I looked for the fuel relay but could not find it, only the klima, OVP plus a small green can with a 30A fuse on the top. Any idea what this is.

My car is ex Japan and may have been assembled there so things may be different from US models.

Thanks again, this is a great site and a wonderful resource for us car nuts.
1993 320E 140,000km
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