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Leon Hernandez
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Question C280 '94 combo switch

Sooooo...after a few false starts and a couple of parts later NOW i'm sure this'll fix dah problemo....but the turn signal/wiper combo switch a DIY'r job ..or is it best left to the guy with the right tools.

Still no CD for the 94 C280 so....I'd like to change it out mah..sef cuz the inspection is up in Sept. but If this kid ain't got no pictures and big block letters type guidance well sheeesh I'd be in a if one of you guys that has been there done that on a 94...I'd be much obliged.

I read Mike Tangas's expert install with pictures and all but it was fer a different model all together and did not look like it was close enough for me to jump into it with those instructions....anyway...thanks to those that jump on in.....Leon :p
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