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well, i'm bringing my car to a benz shop to get the water pump replaced (it's leaking coolant) and to have the air cleaner bracket and a new driver's side door pull replaced. i have all the parts for these things, but it's just too much trouble and work to do it all myself. i'll have them look at the rust i'm talking about and tell them that i'm having a problem with water getting into the trunk. hopefully they would be able to tell me what i would need to get to fix the problem. i can get a new rear window seal for $28 on ebay (not aftermarket). looking all around the rear window- it looks like the seal is bad. in some places the rubber is hard and will crack off and in a few spots it isn't flush with the body of the car- it's kind of pulled up. thanks for all your help about this. hopefully it won't rain for a while until i get this fixed.

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