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Smile 1995 S320. Warranty going to cover...

Purchased an after market warranty in February
from ProGuard. Took car into shop for estimate on
items that needed repair. The shop quoted $5500.00
and a long list of to dos...

Warranty company said take to the dealer and get
2nd opion. I did this and they found following:

ABS/ARS light comes on. Will need a brake lamp
switch. Not covered. Dealer wants $183.00.
Is this a part I can buy and put on myslef?


Power steering pump bad. This is covered.

Lower ball joints and control arm bushing bad. This is covered.

Head gasket leak. This is covered.


Trans flex line bad. Wants $132.00. Again, can I
purchase and put on myself? Cost?

Very happy that the main items are covered. I
hated to put out $2000 on the warranty in
February. Now glad that I did.

Just for ****s and giggles, what does a head gasket
repair cost these days?

Many Thanks for you help.

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