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Why diesels last

For one thing diesels ingest a lubricant and even once it's exploded there's still unburned lubricant in the exhaust. Whereas gasoline is a solvent and washes lubricant off the cylinder walls and once exploded it creates acids that attack downstream components such as mufflers, etc. My 240D/300 G-wagen has a muffler that is stamped with the date of 1979 and there's only a little flecking of the galvanising. Everybody I've asked has never seen a rust out diesel muffler or exhaust pipe.

As for long term speed, in 1976 Mercedes took the gasoline engine out of their C111 Sport terror and replaced it with a 5 cylinder diesel which they trubocharged, intercooled, etc. and took the resulting car to the Nardi track in Italy. There they ran it for 50 hours straight averaging 156.9MPH.

Watch for pixs of my son's intercooled 1983 300Turbo Diesel.

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