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Unhappy 400E problems

Well, my beloved 400E is starting to give me more and more problems, I've hit over 160K so far. I barely know anything compared the people in this forum and I need more help again. I just got the car back from the dealer (Ganely in Akron Ohio) to get the belt tensioner replaced, 450 dollars!!! Anyway, i was looking at the engine today when I got home and those two big black tubes that run from the engine on both sides were not connected properly, the right side was barely hanging on and it seemed like it just wore out. I tried to put them back together as best as I could but they are still not connected properly. Can anyone tell me what they are and if its really important? Shoudl I be as paranoid as I am right now? Between the belt tensioner and the AC, i've spent over 1K on this car in the last month and really hate to put too much more in it. I'm actually looking for a good place to take it because I'm not that satsified with Ganely anymore. Thanks. I've attached some pics, they are blurry but i hope they help
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