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Daniel Pawlata
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Originally posted by TonyC:
Hi folks,
realized my 90 300CE is leaking a LOT of oil from the front cover area (~1 qt/400 mi). One mechanic quoted me ~ $700 just for labor, I'm just curious if that's a tolerable price. If not, I might just open up the service manual I recently bought... TIA


I had a oil leak on my '88 300CE 3 years ago from the little seal in front upper part of the engine just under distributor cap. Went to the mercedes dealer and they fixed it for
$450 with 1 year warranty. Two years later I had to change timing chain, so I went to a local Shop to save some money on labor. Month later I had the leak again!! Dealer uses their own Black Silicon and local shops usually use orange one witch will always leak. Guys at the mercedes dealer shop work on this kind of problems daily and they have special tools to save time. Many times they spend much less time to fix a problem (usually problem they worked on before)then local shop mechanics and that's why they can charge you less for labor.
Good luck man!!
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