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Wow, you are in a pickle. That centering piece is 1/2 round with a flat side to line it up correctly. with out that it`s like playing Russion Roulete. You have 15 possible ways for it to line up. the good news is, the cable won`t twist around, and has a set to it from the many years it has been bent to fit.

There is probably 3 or 4 pins eather side of proper lining up. I looked at one of my spare clusters and you are right, no identifying marks or numbers.

If I had this situation, I would hot foot it to PNP and cut off a plug with enough wire to see the color code. then if the plug will come apart (most mb connectors do) carefully open it up, and maybe the end piece will swap in.

I wouldn`t just try to randomly try different position to plug in the connector. could damage something in the cluster with 12v going to the wrong component.

there were three HP ratings on the OM616...

1) Not much power
2) Even less power
3) Not nearly enough power!! 240D w/auto

Anyone that thinks a 240D is slow drives too fast.

80 240D Naturally Exasperated, 4-Spd 388k DD 150mph spedo 3:58 Diff

We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics. Funny how that works
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