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Originally Posted by JHZR2 View Post

There are a few good threads on testing and working on glow plugs, but I haven't seen much on the best tools. I saw one thread where a drillbit was welded into an old glowplug...

But what is best practice? Just a drillbit? What size, should I get some sort of brush to work the holes like the site from up in Washington sells?

Is it smart to get grease in the prechambers, or am I better off maybe dipping the tool into oil which might have fewer ramifications?

Should I blow compressed air in or such vacuum on the hole before cranking to blow them out?

No one has tested a Glow Plug Reamer against a Drill Bit or any other of the cleaning methods to say which works better.

People seem to pic what ever method they want to use and stick with that.

But, the Factory Service Manual and from what I have read the general consensus of forum members is that it is believed cleaning the Carbon out with something extends the life of the Glow Plugs.
From my notes Hunter speaking of Glow Plugs dieing due to Carbon insulation
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