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E420 vs. E430
Gordon VS. Schumacher
No bad years but the 4.3 has had some pulley problems. Also, plagued w/ MAS problems. The 4.3 is of coarse more mechanically advanced w/ twin spark twin coil per cylinder ignition. HP and torque are the same but 4.3 has more usable torque down low and over a broader rpm range. 4.2 has a m119 engine that could at 125-150k miles need a timing chain replacement. If I were you, I would pick the best condition car that has the best maintenance. Both these engines are rock solid motors that should each see/surpass 300k miles. As a fellow CA resident the SOHC 3Valve design in the 4.3 serves no function unless you park out side in cold mornings. The 4.2 is DOHC 4valve design that ultimately means more flow which translates into more power up high. Also, make sure you get the rear sunshade as well as some other creature comforts. I believe the E430 IN 2000, got a touch shift transmission. The best thing about the e430 is that you can bolt on a kleeman supercharger and end up w/ more than a e55
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