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AMG is not entirely responsible. It is the MB techs who make the engine stronger than it has to be. A Lotec Sirius makes over 1200 hp from a 6liter MB v12 turbo motor. Stock v12 only made 389 hp but bolt on a turbo and you can quadruple the power.Also AMG tunes w/ practicality in mind. BMW M build "raw" motors in my mind. For eg., their M5 motor is infamous for burning a quart of oil every 1000 miles while new and all BMW says is to put in 60wt oil. Some MB motors never even burn a drop of oil. A well engineered car should not be burning oil. Also BMW takes the compression ratio way up like the M3's 11.5. A MB 55 is only 10.5. MB could make 11.5 motors but if one day the owner put 87 octane they wouldnt destroy a 40k engine. Also AMG tunes an existing tried and tested powerplant. Look at MB transmissions. They are so strong that all AMG has to do is a little tweaks and extras and they last for the lifetime of the car.
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