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Cool Finally finished replacing all ACC diaphragms

'90 300E -- Damn, what a pain in the ass it is to replace the auto-climate control diaphragms within the vacuum pods. I would really like to shoot someone in Germany responsible for this. But, everything works now and I saved hundreds of dollars, so I am happy. All of the diaphragms were shot (both recirculation, the diverter, center vent, and defrost) with the exception of the floor diaphragm, but that one is of a different and more simple design using better rubber. I just hope I never have to pull the dash for anything else, ever. I ended up buying a whole new pod assembly for the center vent (the little pod that sits upright right underneith the dash), but I re-used the pod housings with new diaphragms from for the others. For like 7 diaphragms, I paid 40 dollars including shipping, and I paid 50 for the new center vent pod from the dealership. All those pods new would have been like $350 total!!! Anyway, I am rambling, but I thought I'd tell someone of my accomplishment. If anyone has any questions about this procedure on the W124, feel free to e-mail me. -- Mikey
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