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Sorry to bring this thread up again but some people might still find it very useful! like I!!!

I was so bored so I just started troubleshooting my car fixing small bits that came off and polishing things up. I then decided to look at all the vacuum lines associated with the transmission.

All good...

Looked at the bowden cable.. took it off and when popped off it was very tight as in the cable is pulled at I "loosened" it and made the cup end of the cable right on top of the ball.

Reassembled it.. (thinking it wouldn't make much a difference..) and first thing I noticed the car would start shifting earlier and smoother!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe it.. drove like a normal car hehehe.. I guess I had been driving my car with a tranny that was out of adjustment!

I then loosened it more.. i might have given it some slack so I'll take the slack off tomorrow to make it perfect...

however I couldn't believe how beautifully it drove...
what an amazing night drive it was!!

Thank thanks thanks !!!! it wouldn't be possible without this wonderful forum!

I was ready to live with it thinking that it's an old car...
2008 BMW 335i Coupe
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