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Smile Trouble with my stoplight ( Electrical ) w124 1995 E420

Hello everyone, so im having trouble with my left rear stop light. Everytime I turn on the lights at night and stop the all the lights go out on the left rear tail light, when I release the brake, the lights go back on. In other words my stop light in the left tail light does not work. Check the pictures I have provided out. If someone has any tips, I would truly appreciate it. Thank you.

This picture #1 is when the lights are all off.

This picture #2 is when I step on the brakes when All the lights are off.

Picture #3 is when I turn on the night lights.

Picture #4 is when I step on the brake with the lights on.

Picture #5 , now notice how the brake light bulb dimms a little when I turn on the lights. I notice that when the lights are off, this bulb that is suppouse to be for the brake light never turns on, instead the one that turns on is the one next to it. What can be wrong, Thanks for all your advice.
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