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I think there may be some differences between European, Asian and US versions of the W124. My car is definitely a 1993 320E with that fantastic M104 engine. The W124 vehicles here had a minor facelift in 1994 and were rebadged E320 etc. It might be interesting for you people to know that about a third of the cars registered each year in New Zealand are used Japanese cars; they of course are right hand drive models. Apparently Japanese cars have to undergo an expensive and rigorous 5 year warrant of fitness check and many people trade in on a new model. Hence there are a lot of cars including luxury models such a Mercs, BMWs and Volvos greatly depreciated in the used car lots. There are bargains to be had but good paper work records are hard to come by. It can be a lottery but careful appraisal by a friendly benz tech can help.

Whilst my M104 has all the emission gear installed I don't think it has OBD as exhaust emissions are not checked, not yet anyway.

Getting back to the fuel relay from the pictures I have seen on this site it is a black can with the engine cutoff revs written on the top. No such item behind my battery. The green can is plastic and half the size of the OVP. I'll keep on looking.

I read with interest another thread re AC R12 vs R134a. My car is fitted with factory R134a or so the MB sticker says in German.
1993 320E 140,000km
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