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i have a 190e special 2.0 a 1993 car.a loud roar is comming from the rear axle which the agent here is not interested to fix, other mechanics say i should get a recon part for the replacement. Can someone who have come across this type of problem throw some light.
Finally repaired fault.the rear diff was overhauled with new knuckle arm bush, rear axle side bearing, gear bearing, rear axle 1,2,3,4 bearings, oil seals, pinion gear set,pinon shaft, axle cone, pinion cone,misc accessories and wheel bearings at Caltex service station next to ACS.Seems to be a common trait.Rather poor example being only 99,000km. Car is now good as new for the next 100000km. threw away pefectly good set of tyres that got blamed for the noise.

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