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Fimum Fit
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Type F would be much too harsh in shifting

in a transmission designed for any of the Dexron/Mercon evolutions from Type A -- Type F did not use any of the friction modifier additives (whale oil in the Type A days) which the General Motors transmissions needed. See if you can sell it to an Englishman with a classic SAAB 900 (pre-1993) and Borg-Warner type 37 automatic; they were about the last cars to use Type F, although there may be a quite a few even older Jaguars, etc. in England with Borg-Warner type 35 boxes, and also old Volvoes and others, even some 3 speed Mercedes from the '50s (I've got a former student who recently inherited a '57 300D which I think has a Borg-Warner, but he's here in Virginia).

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