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Originally Posted by BodhiBenz1987 View Post
Should I replace them both on principle, or just the wobbly one? Since I have a shop press could I just push it out and in myself or does it still have to be done at a shop? I'm sure my indy would do it, although I'm kind of embarrassed to try to explain the mayhem that is my project.
I was just looking at the wheel bearing DIY and remembered the parking brake. I didn't even think to check and see if that was stuck.
It will never be easier than with the wheel carriers off the car without the necessary tool (SIR Tools B90-M $300), so it's an investment against future more costly repairs!

It is a little more complicated than just pressing things together! You need some cylindrical spacers to accomplish the job without destroying the new bearing in the process! Basically once the hub is separated from the wheel carrier and the old bearing remnants removed from both parts, the bearing is pressed using its outer shell into the wheel carrier, then the bearings inner diameter bore has to be supported as the hub is pressed into it. If the support is not correct the bearing is pushed apart.

If your indy can do it for a reasonable price that would be the way to go, otherwise you're going to have to find or fab something to fit the bearing if you don't have something like that already.

To make use of your press though you can once you get the disks off and the wheel carriers off use it to press the hubs out of the wheel carriers, then the bearings remnants out of the wheel carrier (there is a large C-Clip that needs to be removed before the outer shell gets pressed out). After the hub is free you will need a grinder to cut the part of the bearing that usually stays stuck to the hub when the bearing comes apart. Use the grinder to cut almost through and then a hammer and chisel to crack it off.
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