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260E's ar meant to last.
I just passed the 230K mark on my 1989 on my way back home.
I purchased the car back in 1994 with 48K on it. Since then, it has caused me a few greay hairs, a problem here and there but never realy got me into trouble. It still accelerate like a rabbit (a 75 years old rabbit), is as reliable as a rock and as soon as the breaking-in period is over, I'll be ready to throw some money at it for a youth make-over. This car still amazes me. It will still cruise at insane speeds, is still quiet and rock solid, no rust (original paint) after going through 13 winters in a salt bath.
So far, I went the distance to the moon, one orbit, and is on it's way back to earth.
I would not trade it for the new 2003 E500, (except if someone offered it)
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