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Originally posted by blackmercedes
AMG seems to boost power through displacement, and now supercharging as opposed to stratopheric redlines and engines set on "kill." They beef up engine parts and transmissions, and use "higher" off the shelf bits where possible.

It's a different philsophy from "M."
The displacement argument is true with respect to the C36, C43 and current non-SL 55-series models which are naturally aspirated.

I hope that the newer boosted AMG cars will have similar longevity and robustness, but have to have some concern over gaining power through stressing a smaller engine (e.g., the 32-series cars) rather than adding on N/A displacement. But it looks as if supercharging is the way AMG is now going with the 32-series, the SL55 and the supercharged 55s for the new AMG sedans.
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