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Originally posted by TANK
Congrats! By the way G-benz, I remember seeing your restored beetle. The engine looked very powerful. I was wondering what the original hp rating was and what yours with mods is up to? Is it quick by todays standards?
Actually it was mildly blueprinted back in '85. Lots of paint and chrome, and the dual carb setup looked intimidating, but that was the typical top-end configuration on most souped-up Beetle engines...

...I built it to be a streetable daily-driver, and a show queen on weekends.

All top and bottom-end components were replaced or tweaked just a notch above stock to allow a little more pep, but remain streetable. It is a 1641cc engine up from the stock 1585cc. This is one of many series of textbook engine upgrades done in the air-cooled VW world.

I think the stock hp was a pathetic 40-45 ponies. It is up to about 75hp in it's current form...nothing that would scare the current crop of ricers on the streets today, but back in the 70's and 80's, the ole Bug could scare a few econoboxes...realizing of course, those were Chevettes, Escorts, Pintos, and early Civics.

People do build 200HP VW engines...but they live a short life on the dragstrip, and are not tame enough for the streets...there is only so much you can do with that engine...

Best time on the drags for me was a laughable 17.85 ET...the MDF subwoofer box and all of those other weighty show items didn't help much.

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