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half moon chain clips ye gads!

I got an Iwis timing chain from Fast lane today for my 86 500/420 SE. I ordered an extra master link figuering to practice crimp on old chain before I put new chain in. I have front cover off so can put chain in in one peice, I decided to do it this way after I ordered parts or would have tried to get chain already put together from dealer.It's a good thing I took off cover as bolts on right botton rail had backed out and were held in by touching front cover and rail was in bad shape.Will post photo.

The new Iwis chain looks OK but the master link
that came with it and the extra one I ordered both have 2 small half moon clips (one for each pin) they look like something that would hold carb linkage together sure hesitate to use these on a 6000 rpm engine any one seen these type clips? any thoughts..........
William Rogers.........
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