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Hi all,

My w201 Benz Built. 07.89 with a 5 speed an ABS is running great. The car 240 Tkm on the Tach. Whenever I drive at a konstant speed of around 140 Km/h fpr more then 20 Minutes the little yellow "Motor" light in the Dash lights up. While it is on teh Oil Pressure is still betweeen 2-3 und teh Temp is konstnat at 85 degrees. The light goes off if the RPM´s fall below 1000, goes rigth back on again though as soon as the RPM´s rise.

My question: What does the "Yellow motor light" mean, under whoch circumstances does it light up ? Is ist possible, for me, to read an errorcode out of the Motormanagement ? - if this has anything todo with it .

I´m planning on driving the little Benz till the 400 Tkm mark.

I Hope, an greatly appreciate, any help :-)
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