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190e Causing SEVERE Depression

My 85 190e 2.3 is causing me severe depression. It idles very nicely at 800rpm which afetr months of working on the motor is very nice. It has a slight miss at 1500-2000rpm and stalls when put in gear. If, by chance, I can get it in gear without stalling (by racing motor as I put it in gear) the car drives great... until I have to stop.. then it stalls again. I live a good distance away from any Mercedes Shop, so flatbedding it there would almost be cost prohibitive ($225 just to get it there). What is wrong with my car?
I have done all of the following: New cap & rotor, new plugs, competely rebuilt the head (everything including the camshaft & rocker arms are new), new water pump, all new fuses, new ignition switch, new voltage regulator in Alternator, new radiator. new fuel filter. I have the following compression readings: 152-155-153-152 . I only run premiun fuel in the car. If I pull out the OVP, the cars runs really poorly..barely idles. I would be happy at this point to just get the car running well enough to get it to a shop to have it fixed. What do I look at to try to help it? Does anyone have a really good shop they can reccommend in the Kingston or Poughkeepsie New York area? I really cannot aford to have some dimwit spend 10 hours trying new parts because he/she does not know much about Benz's. Thanks for all your help!
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