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190e voltage regulator, cold start valve, EHA

My car died in the middle of the street the other day and then cranked very slowly when I tried to start it, did not start. I replaced the voltage regulator and charged the battery, this seemed to solve the problem. Before that it was starting hard when cold and still is. Also when stored in the garage there is a very heavy smell of gas. I replaced the cold start valve ordered here (fast shipping but they did not provide me with a gasket, i have to get one from a dealer now)...anyway I have yet to test drive with the cold start valve.
The car would start rough, missfire for a few seconds then run totally normally for the rest of the drive.
Do these symtoms add up to anything obvious to anyone? I am very concerned about the gas smell and dont want an engine fire to take out my baby. I have read about the EHA..anyone know where this is located on the 1988 190e 2.3? If I buy one here does it come with the o-rings and everything that I need?
1996 E320
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1988 190e 2.3 - 225K miles, owned for 7 years. I cannot say enough good things about this car. Very well built, even at 225 it ran like new.
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