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Also, the 500E uses a LARGER/STRONGER pinch-bolt on the strut to knuckle assembly, that is torqued to 150 NM, not 125NM.

If you install Bilstein, Koni, or other non MB 500E front struts (including MB SportLine), you will have to enlarge the pinch-mounting hole to accommodate the larger pinch-bolt.

DO NOT replace with the smaller bolt, although it fits and will bolt-up. The engineers went to a larger bolt due to the increased load of the 500E.

The wagon's suspension is as follows:
Front: 500E struts & springs; SportLine Swaybar & bushings; 500E calipers

Rear: 500E springs & 500E rear swaybar; 500E calipers

The 500E front is currently running SportLine front struts and loving it.

Those SportLine front springs are just too unforgiving when combined with 17-inch wheels, SportLine bushings (control arms & swaybar), SportLine swaybar, and SportLine struts for everyday driving.

:-) neil
1988 360TE AMG
1993 500E
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