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Originally posted by Kevin:
I replied to your earlier post. I have always had the problem. I have aftermarket rims/tires (Carlsson 1/6 & Pirelli P7000 SS) and after many complaints and alignments the dealer is now trying to blame the problem on the non OEM wheels. The problem is so annoying that I am about to buy a new set of wheels and have the Carlssons checked for correctness. The car is very tiresome to drive, I spend all my time correcting my steering. One moment/second with my eyes off the road and I am over the center line or on the curb.

Yes, I remember your reply. I feel the same way now. If I look over at the radio or cup holder I know I will be askew by the time I look back. Have you contacted MBZ about this? I don't know how responsive they are. I wonder if the brand new cars will have the same problems.
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