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best $50 I've spent


Before I knew of this forum, I needed a hood pad ('87 SDL - diesels are loud). Found a company on Ebay, they always start their bids at $29. I just called them directly and ordered it, that is their standard price + about $8 shipping for me.

Get some of the heavy duty 3 M adhesive. It says "high heat made for hood pads" on it in the small print. It is about $15 a can in the US. One can was just enough, go for 2 if you are not sure.

I cleaned off the old pad with a scraper, then pressure washed the under hood, then wiped it down with a solvent to get rid of the oil / fuel residue.

Spray the adhesive on both parts, let then dry for a while, get some help aligning it and attaching.

MAJOR difference in noise in the diesel.

Good Luck!
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