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oil "usage" ??

1990 420 SEL, Oil changed @ 113,7xx, started trip at 114,4xx, now at 115,5xx or thereabouts.

Just did a thousand mile trip of turnpike driving ( 500 ea way). Ran anywhere between 74-100 MPH ( avg 75-78 or so) and each leg was about 7.5 hours of continuous driving both ways with a day of local driving in between. Checked the oil after initial leg and it was in between MAX and MIN marks. Upon completion of return trip, it's now on MIN mark.

Two questions:

Is that "normal" for it dip that much or should I be on leak lookout?

Also, when it's on the MIN mark, how low is it?

Cheers, Todd
1990 420 SEL / 151K mi.

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