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Question about AT and driving methods

Is there anything to be gained by making the transmission shift by letting up on accel. pedal at the speed you wish the car to shift and then pressing down again to resume the acceleration in the next higher gear. This is similar to the technique used when driving a standard gearbox car. It is my feeling that perhaps the transmission may last longer it most of it's upshifts are at the reduced power mode (shifting while under light load).

What do you think, Techs.?

Also any help would be appreciated with a minor problem my 87 300E has. Sometimes downshifts harshly (15-20 mph). It seems to shift from 4th directly to 2nd, for example when you decelerate in turning onto a side street and wish to again accelerate after slowing to make the turn. Someone else mentioned a throddle switch which could hang causing this , but I checked and mine seem to "click" properly, however I have not yet checked it with my ohm meter. Thank for any help. This board is really a good resource!!

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